Plant-for-the-Planet in Leipzig during JCI World Congress

Planting trees will save our future – visit the Plant-for-the-Planet booth to make your trip carbon neutral through trees that will be added to the amount of your JCI country. We children and youth of Plant-for-the-Planet know about the importance of trees. For us it’s not only an academic question how far the climate crisis is altering our environment, for us it is a matter of survival.

Felix will speak about climate justice during the World Congress in Leipzig. On Saturday at 11:30am. See you there!


You can easily support us and also support the ambition to run the first carbon neutral JCI World Congress by planting and donating trees in our World Wide Wood to make up for your roundtrip to Leipzig. Every tree will be added to the JCI treecounter Vanessa Weber (JCI Aschaffenburg, Germany) started. The treecounter already counts 106,000 trees pledged during different projects of JCI and Plant-for-the-Planet. Through the project called “Young Leaders support Future Leaders” we already organized several Academies and planting activities. On Saturday Felix will show you how many trees will be planted by each JCI country. Let’s see which JCI country does best!


Help us to upscale the common project “YOUNG LEADERS SUPPORT FUTURE LEADERS” to an international level!

Organize Academies, invite children to speak at your events and encourage your city to start big planting activities.